Project Watercool - a quiet watercooled computer.

Full View of System attached to Anthro cart. (Hit Right Arrow above to see more pics - 24 in all)

Here's my system. It's a Athlon 1333 OC'd to 1584 (11 x 144 1.91 volts.) The case is a Fong Kai 603 Mid-tower (17") that has plastic sides. The Motherboard is a Epox 8k7a+. 512K Crucial DDR Ram. 18 gig Quantum 10K U2W-160 Hard Drive, Hercules Geforce 2 GTS w/ 32 megs DDR, and a Santa Cruz soundcard (My Game Theater XP was too unstable due to the 512 Megs Ram). Sparkle 300W PS (5v line tweaked to 4.85 stressed) with a Panaflow L1A1 Mod. (My Enermax 365 was too loud!) 3Com Nic, SCSI CD-Rom, Digital Doc 5, and Panaflow L1A1 fans. The system runs very quiet (My Main goal!)

When running the 120MM fan at 7 volts, MBM reports the CPU at 45 Degrees Celsius

To color the case I used Plasti-Kote Ultra brand Vinyl Dye - Flame Red. I originally was thinking about a silver or a metallic blue, but I couldn't find a good shade in a vinyl dye. SEM has some nice blue colors, but I thought the red stood out better.

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